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This part is written in English laguage and contains information about the meditation work of Stephan Bielfeldt. You will be informed about the work of Toni Packer and the Springwater center on

Thinks developed better in 2020 and 2021 as expected. The Springwater retreats were performed online and the retreats in Germany were live events. People enjoyed the retreat, though we had to follow all the hygienic rules. All participants returned in good health. See an impression here.

Also our two groups could be restarted online and sometimes with hygienic rules and limited participants also live.
Here you can read more on the actual situation: More than a year has passed...

English text from Stephan: How can awareness flourish in one's daily life?
Retreat talk from Stephan:On the meaning of life

book is out in German language.
The English edition is under progress but perhaps it will take another year to publish it.

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