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Meditation in times of the Corona virus

Dear friends, it is clear that also our meditation work is heavily influenced by the Corona virus. Our two German meditation groups have not taken place since March 10. It is uncertain when we will be able to meet again, but it is sure that it will take several weeks and more likely several months.
In the course of only a few days our entire lives have changed. It is here in Germany and all over the world. Just a while ago closeness comforted us. We have expressed our mutual love and compassion with being physically near to each other or by an embracement. Now we have to express our relatedness and responsibility for each other by keeping a maximum of distance. Frugality is necessary. A telephone call or a video meeting must suffice to express our close relations. It is so much easier to meditate together in a group instead of alone, but exactly this is impossible now.
My sorrows and I assume, also yours have been growing over the days. Will we be badly sick soon? What will happen to our beloved? Will we be soon unemployed and out of money?
Actually, there is nobody who gives us answers to these questions. What shall we do? When sitting here and writing these lines it is rather clear, I have no good advice for you or for myself. I feel it is even presumptuous to give advice in this situation.
What I am actually doing is to pause for a moment and become aware of what is actually going on inside of this body mind and around me. Not knowing what to do is the beginning of my meditation. Outside of the window I see the silhouette of the old oak tree and two crows sitting silently on naked branches. The scenery is illuminated by the evening sun, all in contrast to the intense blue sky. No wind, no movement. A peaceful moment with breathing in and out and the stream of thoughts at silence………
Thoughts are back and I become aware of the amazing silence that is happening. All the planned activities are canceled. There is more quietness even at work, as the office life has changed to sitting on one’s own in front of the home office computer. I never experienced so much silence in my work life. Is it a haunting silence? Let us listen to it. Does this silence produce confusion? However, if we take it to look and listen, it is the chance to come to more clarity. In case clarity replaces panic, such clarity might also find a way to our fellow human beings. Not allowed to express it by a hug, we can smile to each other or share feelings, joys and sorrows in a telephone call.
Compassion and interrelatedness is flowing from an open and clear mind. It can flow among us being bodily close or being far away from each other. In a moment of simple awareness we are no separate beings, despite of all the physical space that may lay between us.
In these times of extreme changes and insecurity, I wish to all of us moments when the chaos in our heads is silent and the muddy waters have cleared up. This is all not answering one single question, but it helps us to act mindful and keep the contact to our fellow human beings, to ourselves and to nature.
Meanwhile dawn has broken. The crows have been flown away leaving black tree silhouettes in front of a dark blue sky. Everything is in constant change.