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A Retreat in Springwater will take place in June
There will be a retreat with Stephan in Springwater from June 06 to June 13, 2020. All interested people speaking some English are very welcome. For details and booking please refer to the Springwater webpage, retreat calendar 2020 or contact Stephan.

Impressions of Stephan's last retreats in Springwater

A Retreat in Kazimierz Poland will take place June 27 to July 04, 2020
The retreat in Poland will take place on a beautiful and silent spot in the country near to the historical town of Kazimierz upon the Vistula, that is about 2h drive from Warsaw. See some photographs from the last retreats. The region of Kazimierz is one of the most beautiful places in Poland, a real resort pearl.
Amidst rolling hills with fields, orchards, groves and loess ravines we live in a country pension consisting of two very comfortable wooden houses and a wooden octagonal sitting room. Spacious rooms for up to three persons with bathrooms and a large dining room are available. A cook will prepare vegetarian meals. The beautiful small country roads invite us to meditative walks in the nature. The cost are about 300,- Euro including the meals.

All interested people speaking English are very welcome. For details and booking please write to or contact directly

Jacek Dobrowolski

Impressions of Polish retreats in Kazimierz with Stephan's from 2010 on are here.