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Stephan Bielfeldt

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Text of Stephan: How can awareness flourish in one's daily life?

Retreat talk from Stephan: On the meaning of life

Stephan has been doing meditation work and and holding retreats in both German and English since 2003.

He started working with Toni Packer in 1983, regularly taking part in her retreats in Germany and and in the United States. Towards the end of 1990, Toni asked him to offer private meetings with participants during her retreats in Germany. In 2003, she asked that he lead retreats in Poland and in Germany, and since that time, he has been holding retreats regularly in German and in English, and has also helped to found two meditation groups. Interested people may join the regular meetings of these groups, which bring together people in the north of Germany.

From 1983 on when Stephan first visited Springwater he came almost every year to participate in a retreat. In 2010 to 2015 he was holding retreats at Springwater and plans to come back whenever he is invited and his time allows it. His daily retreat schedule is similar to the schedules of retreats given by Toni and by other teachers at Springwater, with a talk being given in the late morning, private meetings in the early morning and in the evening, and a group meeting in the afternoon.

"I was most fortunate to have been able to work closely with Toni Packer for so many years. I seek to share with others the experience and insights of those years of meditation work, in the meditation groups and in retreat."

Stephan lives in northern Germany, near the city of Hamburg. His e-mail is and his telephone number is +49 (0)4122 - 858 194.